Ending the Dark

Into the mirror you gaze. Darkness hovers above. It envelopes your skull and your ears. It’ll soon cover your eyes too, blinding you. There is an irritation, a prickling about. You want it all to end and end soon; You want it to stop, you want to get away. But the noises get higher; slashing metal sounds emanate from above. You wonder when will it all end. You had waited so long for this to begin, waited for you to get away from the darkness above. But now this seems interminable; Each passing moment turns to hours and hours turn to pestering poltergeists which perturb you endlessly. Hands grope you, they grope your skull, your neck and they turn your head where they want it to. You are being manipulated without any control over your actions. You want to rise and drift away but the hands won’t let you move, they won’t let you go. And then the black shards rain down from above. They fall everywhere, even into your eyes which bleed out tears. They fall all around you, coloring the ground in black. And they fall into what you are clad in, so they now prick you from within. There’s darkness above, below and upon you. And then, just then when you thought the bleakness was all pervading and eternal, you see a ray of light; a shimmer of hope as the hands lift the shroud off of you and demand a red piece of paper.

You’ve just had a haircut.



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18 responses to “Ending the Dark

  1. The ending made my incredibly depressing Eid day. This is awesome! 😀

  2. Mojo Pin

    The horrors of getting a haircut, I’ve had my share!
    Shoulder-length to almost-skinhead in 10 minutes haha

  3. I could relate to each and every word of this post.This June(to the great horror of aunties) I got my waist length hair cut really short(it was such a breaking news) and for some strange and twisted reason,next day all my college fellows thought that it was my birthday.Thank you for reminding of that time.Good work.:)

    • If I were you I would not like to be reminded of such a troublesome time, but even bitter memories of the past become sweet in the present.
      Thanks Maham!

      • I regard that period as a part of a prolonged metamorphosis.Surely it felt crazy at that point of time but things tuned out to be quite wonderful afterwards.This post made me reminiscent of all the things I did to discover my true myself.

  4. Remsha Khan

    Hahaha. Wow. I was actually shivering when I was reading through.
    And yes, I’ve had my hair chopped off and the feeling was similar.

  5. Very aptly described. Just the right amount of dramatization, too.

  6. gorgeous piece! To me, it seemed like a horror film splattered with gore in the beginning – but what a plot twist at the end.

  7. I’ll probably never be able to think of haircuts the same way again. Your way of writing is just asdfghjkl. You never over or under-do anything. There’s always the right amount of everything. 🙂

    • That is indeed what I call feedback. And moreover I think it to be a victory to make the reader see and experience things like they’ve never before.Thank you so much!

  8. DuaHaider

    LOL i was actually scared in the beginning. Though it is a scary site o_o someone cutting off your precious hair. I’ve always hated haircuts and you Lali have described excatly how it’s felt when you’re under that horrible horrible person whos going to chop off your hair >_<
    Bravo! You rock 😀

    • I know right? You girls have lesser/light haircuts; you go in and come out of the barber shop looking almost the same. While we have to have haircuts frequently and get voluminous amount of hair chopped off every time. Tsk.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Just got a haircut last week. Can definitely relate. Although this had a more powerful impact than my feelings. 😀 Oh and i’m loving everything!

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