A Paradox

I sit upon an exalted throne,
Judging the banes of society .
Bearing the labels of right and just,
I serve the causes of deity.

I sit hunched in dark alleys too,
Drenched in the malicious rain.
I feel pleasured to hurt and wrong
Without reason, logic or gain.

And my heart does flit and my soul does twist,
I am of merry commotion full.
I reach and see beyond the canopy
Of the heavens above so wonderful .

But my Body does shiver and my Mind does quiver,
The dark blinds me all the time.
Morbidness conquers my conscience
As away the dark hours chime.

My Heart and Soul proclaim to me
To transcend limits and soar.
My Mind and Body restrict me
They torment me and bore.

These are my traits, miserly and great,
I’m a paradoxical angelic demon.
For what else could I possibly be
But me myself, Human.



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6 responses to “A Paradox

  1. It actually sounds like a person internally at war with his inevitable nature. I really like the 1st, 4th and the 5th stanza. It’s so interestingly phrased. You should probably become a poet. 😛

  2. I really like how this gets that conflicted, dark feeling across. I could almost feel that mixture of frustration and resignation as I read it.
    Great poem. 🙂

  3. Very nice Usama.. I’m impressed by your poetry.. keep it up 🙂

  4. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words, makes every effort worth it.

  5. This is really good Usama, you can be a really good poet some day. 🙂

  6. woah. too many feelings, too many conflicts within the same being. but hey! its cool. loved it!

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