Perceiving Oblivion

By the Lie the Truth exists
And by the Wrong the Right.
The Dark pervades eternity,
Its opposite recognized as Light.

Darkness prevails naturally
Light needs be brought
Lies will be, but in man’s mind
Truth needs be wrought.

Wrong is ineffably easy,
Wrong need not sought.
But for Right to reign triumphant,
Wars need fought.

Right and Wrong,
Truth and Lies,
The battle is perpetual,
As away time flies.


But there is no Right
And there is no Wrong;
There is no reason
To the nightingale’s song.

For what you deem Wrong
May be another’s Right;
The wind matters differently
To different birds’ flight.

The Rights and Wrongs
Are mere ethics of the society;
Accepted norms
Without variety.

But you shall support your Right,
And you shall abhor your Wrong,
And you shall fight the battle,
For that’s been life’s reason all along.


It is no business of a poet to explain his poetry, but then again I am no poet.
In the first 4 stanza half it establishes the clash of the opposites and in the 4 stanza second half it implies the reality that all this friction between opposites is basically pointless and it is life’s point to make sense of this pointlessness. Thus the title Perceiving Oblivion.
The perfect division of poem’s length and even a vague physical symmetry of its two halves is an endeavor to portray the balance of the opposites and in this case, belief in order and chaos.
The poem is a personal exploration of the doctrine of existential nihilism and its link with the concept of right and wrong.



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6 responses to “Perceiving Oblivion

  1. Very well done. But shouldn’t it be: ‘Wars need be fought?’
    Just a thought.

  2. Love the concept of the poem and how u’v carried it out and explained it. I absolutely agree with the part about how right and wrong is relative. Great work.

  3. The thing I love about this poem, from at least what I’ve derived, is the emphasis on the subjectivity of right and wrong. The fact that there isn’t really a set right and a set wrong, but rather different interpretations of both concepts based on different circumstances of different people. I suppose that makes forming an opinion about someone pretty difficult. Say for example, in a war, you can’t really say that one is right over the other, because if you look at it, both parties are simply trying to save their country, which makes them a hero for their people and, looking from both’s perspective, nobody really seems to be wrong. But it’s probably not that stretched out in normal situations, and I suppose, there are some set rights and wrongs in the world, even if they’re always questionable. At the end, one’s main struggle is and will always be with themselves and, I think, if you can do reasonably well there, you’re on the right track.

    P.S Is it just me or does this comment sound like a pointless re-explanation of the poem to you too?
    P.P.S Well, probably not entirely. I mean, how can I, a mundane writer with a store of vocabulary the size of a mustard seed and one who’s only ever written poems about friendship and birthdays, ever match the magnitude of Your Excellency’s unparalleled, unquestionable, absolutely out-of-the-world knowledge and skill with the pen? xD
    P.P.P.S I don’t know about writer, but can I just say that I’m a DARN good flatterer. 😛
    P.P.P.P.S Okay, this is getting way longer than it should be.
    P.P.P.P.P.S Bye.

    (I’m not sure if such a thing as ‘P.P.P.P.P.S’ even exists, but well, now it has to. xD)

  4. a very nice piece of work. but just a suggestion(you dont need to act on it if u dont), it would have been better if you dont give explanations to poems like these, as they are very self-explanatory. Second, every reader should perceive the writing in its own way. =)

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