Ending the Drought

Two months ago, when I got my lethargic buttocks to rest in front of a blank MS Word page to write something, anything, for the sake of getting out something, anything, this is all I had to say:

“Ok so now I want to write something. Something good, something of substance and weight. Something that’s far from nothing. SOMEthing. But I can’t. I have allowed my head to sit free for so long that now inevitably yet unfortunately it has become slow and steady. Rock steady, that is, stationary. Maybe it’s because I lack ideas. It might be because I want to sit idle and goof around under the name of ‘preparing for the CIEs’. “

That’s all I managed to get out of my system, and then I prepared for my exams like crazy and worked hard and studied all the time, yeah… (sarcasm intended)

Writing, like many things, is something that requires will to be done. But what if a man has this will but has nothing to say? What if a man’s life becomes so full of ennui and is ruled by such a precise schedule that he has nothing to comment upon in his life. And due to this repetitive set of events, he stops thinking out of the box. He stops caring for writing, forgive me if that sounds akin to blasphemy, but what is writing if it has no point? It’s like Blackadder once said

Queen Elizabeth: And me, did you miss me Edmund?
Blackadder: Madam, life without you is like a broken pencil.
Queen Elizabeth: Explain…
Blackadder: Pointless.

Except in this case, writing without substance is, as Blackadder’s good ol’ brain puts it, pointless.

But you know what? Of course you don’t, I don’t understand why do people ask that question anyway… I have decided to create points out of an otherwise pointless life. I have grown to notice small things and large things that we otherwise tend to overlook. For example, if you sit in a room preparing for an exam, even the walls fascinate you: Oh the white texture! The color so plain, so simple that it resembles all purity and simple brilliance present in the heavens and the earth, it’s as simple as Truth and as easy as Lie…

That is ofcourse until before your exams end, because afterwards all you can think about regarding the wall is how it needs to be covered up with posters or how the act of committing a genocide against the lizard population that dwells on it has become absolutely necessary.

Anyways now I am free and have received the salvation I have been craving for for the past two months. That is indeed how long examintaions have been pestering me for. And I tell you, if there is one thing more stressing then  two months of exam it is three months of exam. But thankfully these were just two. So what now? Here’s what now: I have summer vacations and I am willing to put the pen to paper and scribble away whatever nonsense comes to my poor head. It would include arbitrary musings on life, writing, fears, TV shows, movies, music, books and more, hopefully. So hold on and fasten your seat belts or something of that sort… because you are about to experience a hell lot of intelligent, witty, smart and interesting lameness.

بس اس کو بارش کی پہلی بوند سمجھ لیجئے



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8 responses to “Ending the Drought

  1. haha loved the post.. ur writing style is pretty good.. 🙂

  2. That’s so nice of you people. Thanks!

  3. Sharmyn kayani

    Truly Inspiring! 😀 Lali, the way you put words into sentences illustrates a picture so clear and dramatic, awe-inspiring stuff you got there! Love it!

  4. Dua Haider

    Man! One can not stop reading what you write. How easily, how artistically you put your thoughts into words. I love how you express yourself adding to it the beautiful examples and quotes!

    • I enjoy writing these pieces as much as you enjoy reading them. I always try to view my writing from another’s point of view, and thus it allows me the liberty to scrutinize and critique my work from a distance. Thus I’m able to produce pieces that are appealing to you people.
      Thanks Dua!

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