Rain and Musings…


Once again rain compels me to write. Its been a while since I last wrote for this blog. The post was about me moving to my new house, in which I sit now. The clock’s striking half past one and I’m sitting by the open window writing this post on a piece of paper as light’s gone. I don’t know why but no matter how much I don’t want to, still I end up writing something whenever its raining. I personally think I can express myself better in the dead silence of the night when my family and the city sleep. Its only me, pen, paper and my broodings…

Chilled to the bone I am as I write this. The gushes of ice cold wind seem to pierce through my skin right to my core. Through the aluminum net of the window come the sptays of rain, smudging the ink on the paper. But it doesn’t matter because all of this would be typed and posted on my blog. Gives me a weird feeling to think that where would this paper, on which I pen down my thoughts so passionately, be in the years to come. Perhaps in this register or resting silently on a waste dump…

The mattress of my bed has been taken to the other room where my brother sleeps on it. Curled up on the cushions placed on the wooden planks of the bare bed-top, I think about arbitrary things. This house which I now call home is very satisfying to say the least. Nature is what I experience here. No houses on all sides and only a dozen houses in sight at some distances. My room’s the best one as it gets sunlight, air and all. I may catch a cold due to these cold winds, but can’t put down the pen.

Exams are nigh. Commencing from 24th of May and lasting till the beginning of June. Began Maths practice today. God knows when will I get the time to prepare other subjects, but what I know is that no more posts until after the exams.

Then there is the music. After my (Thankfully) short lived craze for System of a Down, Metallica etc I’m again back to who I am. An oldies’ lover. Ghazals by Iqbal Bano, Fareeda Khanum, Mehdi Hassan and qawalis by Mehboob Qawal and Sabri brothers have got me hooked. Then Muhammad Rafi is simply one of the most brilliant artist I have listened to so far.

One of Rafi’s earliest songs and his only duet with Noor Jehan.

This is another very sweet one. Akele mein woh ghabratei tau hon ga.

Among my current favourite English singers/bands are Freddie Mercury/ Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Led zeppelin. Jakob Dylan is another great discovery. My cousin who’s the craziest fan of Bob Dylan recommended him to me. Jakob’s this legend’s son and has proved to me at least that he is quite as awesome as his dad. Is also a vocalist of the band “Wallflowers”

This is from his latest solo album “Women and Country”. Nothing but the whole wide world to gain.

This is from his previous album called “Seeing things”. Will it grow.

Another great discovery I made was through Spotify. It’s a site which allows you to stream songs from a  HUMANGOUS database having everything from Qawalis to metal to Jazz and everything in between. In the what’s new section I stumbled upon an artist named Willie Nelson. Started listening to one of his songs and God, he was too good! His lyrics, music and everything… I am a fan.

Too bad wordpress doesn’t allow flash widgets, or you could’ve been able to stream this song by Willie Nelson here. But anyways you can still give it a listen on the link below… its quite mesmirizing. song’s entitled “Happiness lives next door”


Electricity just returned and before I could type this post it went off, reminding me its Pakistan. Ah well…I can write forever but surely one can’t read for that long. Goodbye for now.

Ah rain, how I love thee!



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5 responses to “Rain and Musings…

  1. shahzaib


  2. BMK

    I love rain too & can’t resist to share the joy with folks; over the phone or text, usually.
    I am also looking forward to holy baths, in upcoming monsoon rains.

    Regarding music, oldie goldies are my fav. too. bhari dunya mein aakhir dil ko samjhanay kahan jaayain instantly came to mind with M. Rafi’s mention. not that it’s the only fav.

    Get settled soon at new place and update the blog more often in summer vacations. hope, the exam went well.

  3. Hey BMK. that kind of rhymes…unintentionally 🙂

    Well you’re quite right. Rain is truly a thing that sets your spirits high. Lahore is having such amazing winds… even at the moment I’ve to use a paper weight for summer vacations papers being blown away. But I crave rain. Aati aati nahi aati!

    Yes. Quite right there… Nothing like him and those lyrics. So true and mesmerizing.

    And masha’Allah the new place is better than expected! Few homes and as a consequence continous breeze, cool or hot.

    Your comment really gave me that push I needed. thank you so much BMK. I now really am more than thinking of updating the block. 🙂 I will and will let you know when I do.

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