Leaving Home…


I ain’t dead. Why didn’t anybody pose the question in my absence of, I guess, two months, that weather I was still alive and breathing or not!? Well, anyways I answered the question already. I’m a blogger. Well I used to be, and a pretty regular one. But I just don’t know what stopped me from writing a post. Perhaps the laziness that has been plaguing me since the time I took my first breath… But now I’m back. Really back!

But still…nobody even asked where I was!? Maybe my blog’s not so popular after all… 😦

 Well anyways there are solid reasons for my absence, to be honest. And to be more honest…there have been no solid reasons for my absence… I mean I just used Facebook all the time instead of paying heed to what was going on with my precious infant. Yup, I’m referring to my blog.

At this very moment I’m supposed to be studying for my impending Formal Assessments commencing from March the first. But I don’t what’s the feeling but really, I feel like I’m loosing a precious friend by not writing for this blog. In my one year of blogging, this blog has given me a lot of pleasure and you can’t even imagine the amount of time I’ve spent writing and working for this pal of mine. And yet, here I am a disloyal friend, coming back after remaining out of touch for two consecutive months, to make amends. Although after this post I may not write for a week or two because of the upcoming exams, but still I’m planning to write about my viewpoint about an Oscar nominated movie I just watched. Or perhaps about all the movies I have or am planning to watch that’ve been nominated for the Oscars airing next month’s 7th date.

And we are leaving our home…home not a house. Although an unimpressive place of 5marlas, this home of mine has been the place which has given me and my family shelter for 5 years. I came to Lahore from Gujranwala when I was in my third grade. I was admitted into LACAS a renowned and prestigious educational institution here. I still remember how me, my elder brother and my dad used to come to Lahore almost every day and inspected different houses which were available for rent. Without any success, we often returned to Gujranwala all bleak and melancholy. Dad was about to retire from his job of District session Judge and we had to find a place to live in time as dad would have to give up the house we had in Gujranwala back to the government. It was during one of these visits that we came across a house, pink front which seemed to be like the side of a house as it was plain and quite simple. The neighborhood consisted of a few dispersed houses and a lot of noisy construction sites. We saw the house liked it and planned to show it to mom with whose approval we could move to this house immediately. Little did I know at that moment that this house would become my home…

Now when I look back, it seems to be quite a long time ago that we shifted here and yet it seems just yesterday. I’ve had many experiences in this house, some pleasant and well, some not so pleasant. But this place, although quite small, means a lot to me. For me it’s a place I grew up at, for I don’t remember any of our previous homes as vividly as this one. Now I’m in grade 8th at LACAS and its time to say farewell to this home of mine. May he remain forever, and I said he because it is more than just a thing for me. It has been an important part of my life and now leaving it seems like parting with a dear ol’ pal.

Dad started the construction of the new home almost a year ago in May 2009. Time flew by and it is almost complete with all its furniture and paints. I’m planning to get handful of posters for my new room too. Shifting to this new home makes me recall the time when we shifted to this home. This encourages me at the moment and assures me that I’ll just like I did here, settle in my new home. although it’s very far away from school and my friends homes. We have weekend soccer matches in our local ground and we go to cinemas together in a single car but now things are going to change.  The place where I’m shifting to is nowhere near any of my friends house and so that means no more 24/7 fun! But the environment there is utterly serene and tranquil with a few homes in sight. I can already envisage myself on my rooftop, accompanied by a new bestseller novel…

I’d also like to say that all the neighbors, specially my mom’s best friends Aunty Shabana and Aunty Farzana, my personal favorite, Uncle Naeem and of course Muqeet bhai have always been great! Will miss ya all! And how can I forget Anas 😉 my class fellow and a good friend who lives two streets away! Thanks bro for all the pick and drop services of yours to the grounds and birthday parties!! Haha… …

Ah! Well, its time I say farewell to my home. Its time.



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6 responses to “Leaving Home…

  1. Arham

    mjhay 8 years hou gai hain meray ghr mein rehtay huay but I dont feel anything leaving it =/ ( bursts out laughing)

  2. well written..firs thing its not like people didnt miss you but to be very practical and honest, its world and all have wordly affairs so one hardly take the time out to look after one…its very harsh truth but it is 🙂
    but dont be so sad, i surely missed you, my little blogger… 🙂

    New home..wonderful, you should be excited for that…and i am sure you will find wonderful friends over there too…:)
    you now as we move on with life, we find thousands of people around, meet new friends, pals etc and thats how life goes on, so be excited and happy…
    Smile 🙂

  3. BMK

    simple yet a thought provoking account, indeed.

  4. @Captureuniverse: Aww that’s so nice of you to say such kind words! Yea I guess you’re really right about the fast pace of life and circumstances which move us apart…
    And yes 🙂 I love my new home! I’ve finally got cable and a lil bit o net 🙂 still I’ll miss the ol’ home. Buh your li’l blogger’s glad you dropped by your comment haha… 😀

    @BMK: hmm… yes I suppose 🙂

  5. Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.

  6. @Norma-Desk: And I enjoy writing these type too. thanks 🙂

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