Now look here for a sec. I dunno wheather 2012 will be The End or not but surely this movie had got some awe…wait for it…some! Awesome graphics and camera effects. Watched it last Friday with 7 of my pals at the DHA Cinema Lahore. One hell of a movie. But it really scares me out when I think how nigh 2012 is. Read about the apocalypse and the end of the world in Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. And then there was this guy who predicted many things that have come tru e.g. Tsunami, 9/11. He also said something about 2012 and Then there’s also the Mayan Calender which ends at the date 21 December 2009. Many believe it to be the end of time but other think it’ll be a moment when the human of today will unleash the unpredictable mind power and transform by getting back the knowledge :Ancient Wisdom. It is said to be protected by the Freemasons and is inside a Pyramid.

 These things are really confusing…and interesting. aren’t they? Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page. Here’s another interesting link.

Anyways, 2012 was comedy, action, tragedy and…well, very good. And John Cusack was hilarious!

Don’t know why but the quality of these wonderful posters and stills isn’t good although they are originally breath taking…



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6 responses to “2012

  1. Hey wait!

    Please excuse me if sound offending, how unintelligent for us, so-called Muslims, to think that 2012 is so near, when ‘we are already in grave’, when death can come any moment. Okay, suppose 2012 is going to be end of world – what do you need to be doing?

    “A saint is completely tranquil about past, completely tranquil about future” Abdal hakim Murad, and this is taken from qur’an in a way.

    • Umer, I see what you mean and I assure you we’re on the same page here. Ofcourse you never know when is the end but I really am kinda interested about this prophecy. As a Muslim I don’t really believe in this crap but still, I’ll like to see what happens on the so much discussed date of 21 december 2012. I agree with the passage you quoted too…

  2. 2012 was only one thing: Comedy!

    What an absolute lunacy!

  3. haha… Well perhaps you are right. The idea of the film i.e. that the world ends in 2012 might seem insane but I’ve to say that the movie was beautifully directed with great camera effects.

  4. 2012 is just a store made by hollywood be4 they make the movie just to get more ppl to see the movie
    this how things work 😉

    but anyway the world wather is changeing and maybe many bad things will hoppen but that dont mean its the end of the world

  5. Yeah maybe you are right. But it has never snowed here in Lahore, Pakistan. It strangely did recently. There has never been a tornado, well turns oout there recently was. AND you might’ve heard about floods here in Pakistan too…and Japan. God Bless us..

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