An Eid Like No Other…

What is Eid ul Azha all about? Bakrai, new clothes, dishes, family and friends of course. But here I’m gonna tell you about my Eid which is unique because has non of these things.

My “munshi chacha” bought the bakras in my village. We were all planning to go to our village and celebrate the Eid there but my mom said that she couldn’t go to the village, which’s 4hrs away from Lahore. My regular readers may be aware of the fact that my mom got a gall bladder operation. This was the cause for her refusal to go. So My parents decided that Dad would go to the village for Bakra sacrifices and the distribution of meat among the poor and Mom, me and my two siblings would stay here in Lahore…

So the Eid day arrived at last. I got my sleepy head off the pillow and went downstairs. Didn’t eat the usual anda roti for breakfast but instead had ras malai mom had made… and didn’t even offer the Eid prayers! It was already 11! Climbed upstairs again, and the long movie marathon began. Watched many movies like Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline, The Final Destination (4), Up, Brazil and Hangover. And yes, The Jeeves and Wooster show’s 55min episode too. ( Actually to be honest I watched these on two days, but as I can’t remember which one on which day, I decide to type em all down here) Then I just surfed the net for sites teaching free guitar lessons. You know, I had this guitar, Yamaha semi acoustic.

I bought it in 6th grade and it just lay there, in the corner of my room for about two years, untouched and undusted. It was just an item of decoration, you see, but then I joined the music club this year at my school. And guess what, I renewed my craze for guitars… So where was I? Yes, I learnt 7 major chords from the net and practiced “The time of your life” by Greenday all day long.

One would think that what kind of an eid is this? I’m from among those ones.  No bakra. No dad. Not even the wearin of new clothes (It didn’t really matter. Not a soul saw me on that day except from my family members.) So all of this implies that we were all hibernating. But wait a minute! This doesn’t mean my eid totally sucked. I had some quality time with my mom and siblings. Jokin about, watchin Cyril do magic at AXN and eatin that finger lickin good Biryani ( wait a minute, I gotta spit. Mouth waterin too much), kalaeji, and the bakra meat some neighbor sent.

And so my Eid came and went. I enjoyed it. But wasn’t it ajeeb? Like I said, an Eid like no other…



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4 responses to “An Eid Like No Other…

  1. Loll: my Eid was the most bad Eid in my entire life. You know what I had on Eid! Toooo much snow…
    And I love it… D

  2. Really, is snow that bad? Buddy I seriously think it’ll be cool like tamperature wise and the other coooool too. Maybe fact that I’ve never seen snow fall makes me thibk so. Waisai happy belated Eid Mubarak! 🙂

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