25 Random Things Tag

Finally I think it is time to update my blog. What can be better than a tag at doing this job? Its late in the night and I hear bothin except the fan and what-do-you-call-it of what-do-you-call-it insect that you only hear in the dead stillness of the night. You know what I mean…

Well let’s start by copy pasting the rules here.

Rules: (I seldom follow them)

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

Okay so, although I haven’t been tagged by anyone, I’m just stealin this post from Leenas’s blog. I won’t be tagging 25, of course not because most of the blogs I read have already done this tag. Here ya go then.

1.      This is the first tag post I’ve ever done. Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging for more than a year now but haven’t done a tag until now.

2.      I really can’t type in a comment, whether ’tis Facebook or blog, without writing a detailed paragraph which expresses whatever I have to say.

3.      I just love books and life would indeed be more than incomplete without them.

4.      I read books in my washroom. So don’t ever borrow a book from me or you’ll have to wash your hands every time you put it down J  

5.      5 is my lucky number. I was born on 5.5.1995 and it was Friday, the 5th day of a week. We are 5 family members. The room number in which my mom stayed after a successful gall bladder operation was 5. Our car number plate has 5 and our now under-construction home’s address has 5. There are also many other occasions when 5 occurs. Thus proven that five’s a number occurring every now and then in my life.

6.      No matter how late it gets in the night, I never think of hittin the pillow (if it’s a holiday) until dawn.

7.      Once my English language teacher called me Shakespeare of LACAS (my school). And yes my English is the best in my class. No showing off here…

8.       I laugh too much. And I can make you laugh too.

9.      There was a time when I used to wonder how will a person with braces feel. I’ve gotem now and it feels…normal, except for the four days following the monthly visit to the dentist for the tightening of the string…

10.  I don’t like the people who TyP3 LyK DiZ.

11.  I really hate load shedding and almost always skip disk checking whenever I start my PC when the electricity returns cuz patience is a virtue I don’t possess.

12.  I really loathe getting up early on chillin winter mornings for school! I just shudder to think of it and the fact that I’ve to go to school the coming morning and its 3:30 AM right now!

13.  Although a very good student, I just HATE mathematics! Calculations sai tau merii jaan jaati hai…

14.  They say my fingers are too long, like E.T.  :/

15.  I’m polite and meek to such an extent that sometimes I can’t even defend myself.

16.  I’m kanjuus makhkhi chuus when it comes to cell phone credit.

17.  There was a time when I could barely spek an Urdu word when I was 5. I was all Punjaabi. But now, I don’t really recall that time and dunno haw to speak some pure punjaabi with maasis and chachaas workin at our village house.

18.  I’m a whiffler. But the one thing I haven’t changed my opinion in is soccer. Arsenal for life.

19.  I’m an all rounder. I can dance, sing, write, play and stuff of different kinds.

20.  My taste in music differs from my peers a lot. I love to listen Bob Dylan, Beatles, MJ, Elvis etc and just hate the new age guys calling themselves singers like li’l Wayne, Akon. And in urdu and Hindi I love Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Lata, Mukesh, Rafi, Kishore, Fareeda Khanum and oldies like “C-A-T cat, cat mainii billie. B-O-Y boy, boy mainii larkaa arey hamraa dil terai panjai mein hai tau kia huaa…” and “Hey mr John, yaa baba khan ya lalaa roshandaan. Jo koi mujh ko dekhai ho jai kurbaan…”

21.  How does one whistle? L

22.  I love watchin Hollywood movies. There was a time when I din’t watchem. How’s it possible?

23.  I had started this blog at blogspot and then moved to wordpress because of the better tempelates wordpress has to offer. What do you think? Will WordPress ever allow flash widgets?

24.  I’m usually so lazy I can’t get myself write a post. But when I start writing one, there’s no stopping me.

25.  U always have trouble thinking up a good and proper ending…

There you are! Finally the 25 expressing me. I must go for some slumbering. Its 4 am and have to get up for school on 6 am! Toodle-oo…




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2 responses to “25 Random Things Tag

  1. zgirl07

    Heeey 5 is my number!!! =)

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