Where Have I been?

No I haven’t been to London to look at the queen. The answer to this question is far less innovative and yet obvious. I’ve been here in Lahore all the time with my exams hanging over my head like a hanging sword which was just about to fall this morning when I was saved. How? You’ll get to know in a while but first lemme make amends by giving true feasible reasons for my absence from the blogging scene…
I was “netless” again, a tragedy happening every now and then in my life. I think I’ve remained netless for about more than two weeks, which means that I’ve broken my own record of 16 days of misery. Anyways there’ve been a couple of events that’ve also got me busy and distracted. Thanks to these events that I haven’t passed away due to ennui.
On 11th October 2009, Our school had arranged a concert as a tribute to the now-dead longest serving custodian of my school, Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LACAS). Now the thing I couldn’t get is that do you arrange a concert for a person who’s dead? Will Sir Khalid arrange a musical night if one of his relatives died? I mean Quran Khuwani karwain! Anyways Laal Band, a band who’s songs used to be played on the back ground of the videos and clips where some men are carrying Ali Ahmed Kurd like a Sonain Walaa Bistaraa on Geo news. A very boring kinda band I mean. So we finally arrived at the concert at the Alhamra open air hall where we enjoyed the boring songs like “sadaa aa rahi hai….” And watched the Bonga guitarist going crazy and lying on the floor playing guitar and doing other monkey stuff. Here are some pics from the concert…

Me (the one with the LACAS banner around his neck), Shahzaib, Danai…



Me, rockin…

Me(right) and Shahzaib…

After the concert was over, me, Samar, Baig, Sikandar, Shazaib, Basit and his friend, Wattoo and Shahzaib’s cousin Musa went over to the DERA situated at the outside of the Ghaddafi Stadium. After stuffing our faces with a lot of food, we ate those classic meethai paan from outside the dera. A lot of shughal that was actually and then my bro. who’s in A-levels, who was also there eating with his friends at Deara, told me I’ll be coming back with him. While returning home he and his friend’s went to the Masoom’s Café on the MM Alam road for Cold Coffees. After enjoying our mugs we finally returned to our home. A long day it was, and surely what a day it was!
And then was the operation of my Mom’s gall bladder for stones. The operation took place on 12th October, 2009 and when I returned from the concert, many of my relatives were already here at my place for the next day’s operation. Operation tau Allah Taalah ka shukar hai sahii ho gayaa and then there was, as evry Punjabi family knows, what may call the arrival and departure of guests. Some very near and dear ones while others I get too see once in five years. Aur un ki tau baat hi naa karo who I didn’t know even existed. Obviously I couldn’t prepare for the exams in all this ronaq. But now I think I’ve got a whole week to prepare for them, thanks to the bomb threats…

What is the thing that gets wet as it dries?

This morning when I got up, and returned from the washroom, I couldn’t find this particular thing. You know it’s always a type of quest to find even a little item when your cousins and li’l relatives have been to your place and just departed leaving the mess behind. So I finally found it- the towel. After it got wet as it dried, its user, me , had to face yet another challenge- Where is the uniform located? When I couldn’t find it, I went downstairs and asked the Kaamwali who replied that raat ko phone ayaa thaa and they told that it was a holiday for maybe about a week due to security threats! Yoo-hoo! So now instead of taking advantage of these miraculous holidays, I sit in front of my PC and type this as I continue to hear the sweet chirping of the birds and… **ck these drill machines from the now under construction house in the neighborhood!



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8 responses to “Where Have I been?

  1. BMK

    belkum back young man … good wishes from my end regarding your mother’s health… You better had asked relatives to write down their ta’suraat in an online visitors book.

    LACAS seems a mustt place … if marnay valon k liye music concert tau zindo’n k liye kiya hota hoga. 🙂

    • Thanks for the warm welcome and really, very few of my elder relatives use net let alone read my blog.

      And yes LACAS is a very mustt place indeed. We were all saying,” Allah azeem khan ko jannat mein jagaa dai uss nai hamein itni fit evening experience karai.” Maybe Azeem Khan ki aatma ko concert sun kar shaanti mili ho..

      Aur rahii baat zindaaa logon ki tau hamm sab khapp khapp kar baith gai hain but we aren’t still goin on a field trip or somethin 😦

  2. Allah may bless your mom…… 🙂
    guests are guests…Rehmat by Allah so never freak out of… 🙂

    Rest your Alhamra hall concert and dera shugal was good… keep enjoying 🙂

    • Ameen to that and she’s Alhamdullilah perfectly fine now…

      And yes guests are guests and I really do enjoy their presence, greatly. But the after effects are really contemptible. hehe…

      And Alhamra Hall, Masoom’ cafe and Dera shughal was indeed an unforgetable experience.

      PS. You go to school right? Mine may open tommorrow, what about yours?

  3. Oh, really?! Well then, don’t cross the road where your school is for ages to come. you know about the bomb threats Pakistani schools are facing…

    • well boy…if i am out of school, it doesn’t mean i am totally unaware of situation… 🙂
      i know about threats to not only schools but colleges and universities too…
      infact no one is safe…..banks, hospitals, shopping market, malls, gov offices…etc etc….what else is left………….
      the only thing we can do right now is to pray to Allah and ask his mercy and blessings so we may never come across big adhab on us…….. 🙂

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