16 Days of Misery…


I never thought that there’ll be a time in my already sordid life when I’ll be forced to stay away from the internet for so long. 16 Days! Seems like ages to me. Maybe that’s because I’m wont to surf the net at least 3 hours a day. Not to mention the five minutes inbox and my blog’s comment checking every now and then…

And that’s the reason my dear readers (If I have any) that I haven’t been replying to your comments (If there were any) and haven’t been posting a new post. The dilemma was that my adult brother and parents had my cable-net connection disconnected and all my impotent attempts to conquer their Great-Wall-of-China-esque determinations were useless. So the connection was cut and my connection with all of you was cut.I asked dad to do something about the net and get me a new one but he said are your computer assignments complete? I replied in positive. “Then I guess you don’t need a connection until the school starts and you get more projects.” After pleading a bit further he said he’ll get me a hundred Rs card of PTCL V wireless when I finish my homework. I finished it. Asked again. Refused. Asked Again. Refused. Displayed the whole of the homework with all he assignments complete in front of my parents like in a boutique sale at Saleem Fabrics. Access granted to a hundred rupees at last.

So I got the card at last. Asked my brother to install the V wireless software-thingy in the PC and get the lousiest connection under the sun running for me but he said he was busy as his college has reopened. So the next day arrived. I got up for Sehri went to the mosque for Fajar Prayers and found my brother replete of Dahi and parathaa fast asleep. I wanted to ask him about the installing CD cuz I wanted to post somefin on this blog of mine. So tried something. I opened new message and typed a message which asked him to wake me up when the alarm rang for his school and tell me wher had he kept the card how to install and stuff and left it open and put it beside his face, which was very much wet with drooling saliva. All was useless.

So when I got up again, at 2:10 today I had the sudden urge to try installing the  net myself and that’s when I found, to my surprise, the ol’ net running! How?! I had asked them cut the connection and I thought they had done so for 16 days! I checked it myself a couple of times but…

It was there all the time and I remained in misery for 16 dashed days!

And I wasn’t even there for my blog on it’s first birthday. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry, ma blog, I’ll do a special about your Birthday but let me continue with this post first…

Anyways what have I been up to lately? I took some time for the errand to the place ******** (Name protected due to secrecy) with the soul intention of finding some Plums (PG Wodehouse books). I got my grubby hands on 4 ofem.

  • World of Jeeves ( an omnibus containg 34 short stories from difffernet Jeevs books and compiled by Wodehouse himself.
  • Leave it To Psmith
  • Laughing Gas
  • Ukridge

These I bought I bought after consulting my cousin Musab who has promised that he’ll burn me a CD of that “Jeeves and Wooster” series episodes based on Wodehouse’s famous characters. Just finished reading Adventures of Sally by Wodehouse and gonna start any one of the above. What would you suggest I should start with?

And then I’ll like to say Ramzan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends here or over the seas and the relatives.  I’ve fasted all the rozas until now and Insha’Allah will fast all ofem. I wouldn’t say much her because I’d like to save this topic of Ramzan for another post I have in mind. Do keep an eye out for it.

And I’ll be doin another post about the school re-opening this 31st of August. Describing all the teachers and the first day would be fun…

And then there is clash between Manu and Arsenal tonight which I’m dying to watch. Arsenal will win surely, cuz they’re in great form which Manu is recently defeated by Burnley! hehe…

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reach you people because this connection is like a guest, in a great hurry, and no how genial a host I be, I’ll still have to bid it farewell sooner or later…



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15 responses to “16 Days of Misery…

  1. I’d go nuts not having access to the ‘Net for 16 days. Ha!

  2. I have gone nuts already. Thank god I’ve got it now but as I said maybe I’ll have to remain “net-less” later on. 😦

  3. This comment is not about the above post. I found at Meghna’s blog that you are(like me) a P G Wodehouse fan(a hard-to-find species on the net). So I thought of saying hi and ask you to visit my nascent blog. Cheers.

    P S: Read Psmith Journalist

  4. @Kundapur
    Yeah I’ve recently been turned to a Plumhead by one of my cousins and now I don’t even thiink about reading anyone else. Read Young Men in Spats and Adventures of Sally. Currently I’m reading the big bulky omnibus of 34 Jeeves and Wooster short stories selected by Wodehouse himself. aand then if you read my post I mean thiis one you can suggest that which one is the better one from the books I’ve got. And you can get a cool insult generator if you read some of my recent posts. its title’s like “I began with the wodehouse quest..” and do comment afta reading. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog bro. Do keep visitin

    PS. I visited your blog and I surely like it although its just a beginning for you. Keep writing I’ll be eager to read.

  5. I know..16 days without the internet makes us feel like a complete retard..!!
    I mean,I know..my motherboard had got crashed..I had faced the same problem for 20 days…!!
    btw..nice post..!!:)

    • It wasn’t until I faced this situation that understood the true roll and necessity of net in my life. The cable Walay think they’ve cut the connection while its still very much running! hehe…
      Thanks for the likeness fo my post. usually people get bored reading other person whining about his quandaries but I guess you get it cuz as you said you’ve been through this too…

  6. 16 days without the internet. thats like 2 weeks and 2 days…hmm…something like that would raise a question to my existence. but then the same would bring me closer to having the perfect life. baah. 2 risky.

  7. If it weren’t for wap i’da been cut off from the world as well. I shudder to think what I’ll do in PMA. Yaar i’ve found a couple of Plums for you, plus the Jeeves & Wooster series. Keep on keepin’ on.

  8. Arham

    WOW……….. 16 days without net,you are officially my hero.Oh and I still like MANU,i dony know why but there’s just a feeling that tells me to keep trash(Arsenal) in the bin.LOL,any ways I’ll be sure to read the first day of school/teacher discription post.

    • Arham, its Mr Lali, your hero speakin. Why do you like ManU I dunno but yes I do know that all of us who don’t watch soccer like it (except a few). Arsenal is in a betta form and is doin better than ManU. You want to watch Manu loose again? ESPN this Sat Tottenham vs ManU.
      Wanna watch trash kick ass? ESPN this sat. Gunners vs Mancity.
      I doubt If I’ll do the teacher description post. Even if I’ll do I’ll have to put a password in case any o the teacher treads here…

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