14th August, In-The-Penitence Day.

Green and white all over the country. Flags on every roof…
This used to be the situation a long time ago.

Now although we see Pakistani flags by the roads, we don’t see the enthusiasm. Something is missing: Patriotism

When I asked my dad to buy me a jhanda (flag) of Pakistan, He replied,”Forget it. What’re we gonna do with a piece of white and green cloth hanging from our houses front when we can’t help but feel desperate for our country’s sordid situation?” “There, you’ve got a Point to ponder daddy,”was all I could say.

Let me pose a question. What is Pakistan made up of?
“Land, Mountains, five rivers and all types of matter…” My big bro blurts when I asked this question. “Hey, hey wait a minute! I’m not asking the geographical thingy. What is it really made up of?”

He says he can’t get what I’m trying to say…

Pakistan isn’t made by just rivers, land, mountains and stuff. It is made up of us. We Pakistani make Pakistan. Why, what is Pakistan but a piece of land? What is so diffrent about it? Its us Pakistanis inhabiting it that make the real difference. A few days ago I was listening to a radio station where about seven people say”I’m a Pakistani. I love my country.” In their native languages, each one different from the other: English, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, Balochi and God-knows-what. It’s these different people from different casts colours and statuses who make up Pakistan. So, who is gonna celebrate the Independence Day if we Pakistanis aren’t?

This day means different things to different people…

For elders: In-the-Penitence Day
Aam shehri: Dafaa karo! Pakistan ka kia banena hai?
Jhandai Walaa (Flag sellers): Paisaa…
For Police: Run all over the city searching for an object no bigger than a suitcase. It’s called bomb.
For Teenagers: Bikes, Songs, Parties and SHUGHALL!
For a street kid: Fire Crackers
and of course for a caring parent: AZAAB!

Now why did I give it the title of Penitence day? Methinks that on this day we should feel sorrow for our sins and all the beiztii Pakistan is facing due to terrorism and kinda reform ourselves. We should make pledges to ourselves just like new year revolutions and follow those little seps. Every long journey starts with a single step. So why not start with not throwing stuff on streets and saving water, electricity etc. This day is not only for Pataakhai (crackers), badges, flags and specially the lights.

Previously I used to go out on the Independence day to roam in the roads of lahore and watch all types people on bikes, trucks and of course watching the beautiful lights on buildings. Now I think this isn’t gonnna happen due to terrorism. Less people are gonna come out on streets, less lights, less enthusiasm, less patriotism. I was listening to Dino Ali’s show on radio 1 fm 91 yesterday. He told an incident. Once when he was going to the radio studio, his driver suddenly turned on the breaks and the car came to a stop. He got out, and after some time returned with a small flag of Pakistan in his hands. He later told him that somebody had thrown it on the ground and he thought it, the flag, was being insulted. That’s the thing we Pakistanis are missing. We should all respect our country and thanks it for whatever it has given to us. It has given me an identity, I don’t want anything else from it.Blaming Government and cursing the corrupt leadership is useless. The change can be made by us, and the literary poor government doesn’t need to do all that we can do if united. A new York times columnist once wrote that about 75% of the industrial things Pakistan is producing are evn unknown to most cammon Pakistanis. So you see, there is nothing we haven’t got. If there is anything we haven’t got, its the trust in our country. So everybody believe in Pakistan and respect all the sacrifices our elders had to make to get this country and don’t go around making insulting jokes like this one I got via message:

Shararat Quaid ki

Wah Wah wah

Shararat Quaid ki,
Iqbal pai ilzaam Pakistan,
Pakistan Pakistan…

In the end I’ll just like to say this to all of you: Stay united, trust and love your country, no matter what happens, this is your country and you are gonna live in it. Ask those Pakistanis who are living in foreign countries. They surely do miss Pakistan A LOT.

Pakistan Zindabad!



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8 responses to “14th August, In-The-Penitence Day.

  1. Okay, first thing.

    Dino is a moron of the highest calibre and I don’t know what in God’s name has made him famous.

    Secondly, these patakhays and roaming arounds and waving of flags are representations of our spirit and our ability to understand an important day. What else are we supposed to do? Sacrifice a family member every year in the name of Pakistan? Of course it’s a ‘celebration’ of independence so it’ll have its share of mindlessness such as silly tv serials and foolish ads and bachon kay chichoraypanays etc. Let’s just all chill and enjoy the fact that we have SOMETHING to celebrate. Pakistan’s not as pathetic as we think it is and I always love the sight of the chaand tara wherever it is.

    Next year, buy the flag!

  2. I agree that this day is surely for fun and enjoyment but expressing this joy by doing wheelies with bikes and causing danger to your ownself is not good too. That’s why its azaab for some parents. But ofcourse Independence day is nothing without the bikes, Patakhay and all the fun. (only if I could experience even one ofem 😦 )Aur rahii baat Dino ki, He is kinda crazy but I listen to him for passing the time during long loadshedding periods at nights. I’m beginning to like even those slow-background-music type where they read a lot of shaers and stuff at 3 in the night…

  3. @Teena and Toronto
    Thank yyou very much! And thanks for dropping by my blog too. keep visiting please…

  4. Tears come to eyes when i recite this couplet uttered by a railway officer long ago:

    Dekhta kia hai meray moon ki taraf

    Quaid e Azam ka Pakistan dekh.

    “Something is missing: Patriotism”

    Even on Wagha Border as well

  5. Luqman Atique

    We shall look through the past and judge whether we are in the right direction or not. This is most important and the defining character of our survival.

    I need not remind you that since the dawn of this world, not a single empire remain in its nascent state.

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