I start with the P.G. Wodehouse quest…

I’ve a cousin named Musab who also owns a blog. He is totally in love with this author as well as I am. I found this widget and here it is. Although he is the author of a hundred novels, I’m determined to read them all.I read his first book “Young Men in Spats” about three weeks ago. Mum and li’l sis were going to Murree by Daewoo. First they had to go to Rawalpindi (to Musab’s place) and then Murree the next day. I had bought four of the rare books for my 21 year old cousin Musab and Mom was gointa take the books with her the next day. I had only one night to read any one of the books. I picked “Yound Men in Spats”, a collection of PG Wodehouse’s short stories. The back cover said that it contained Wodehouse’s own favourite “The Amazing Hat Mystery”. So I started with it. minutes into the read and guffawed like crazy at the punchlines. And then there was no stopping me and I read the whole book by 6:30 in the morning( Although my speed is…well, read this post to get an idea of my reading speed. Regular readers have a pretty good one.) Mom was already up and preparing for the departure. So they departed and the novels arrived at my cousin’s place by noon. So this was how my PG Wodehouse journey started. This hunt of PG Wodehouse’s novels is gonna be a hard one cuz his books are so rare. Every time Musab comes here, to Lahore, he visits most of the bookshops for Wodehouse. No luck every time. I haven’t got any library from which I can …steal…them. Yes. I don’t suppose stealing books is an evil deed (Although I haven’t done so myself, my bro has, for me 😉 It was “A Case of Exploding Mangoes” one of the most admired book of Pakistan.) I think Musab’ll be a great help in this quest (yes, that’s what a PG collecter calls it). He’s got quite a number of PG’s books. Mostly smuggled from a library by placingem under his trousers. He’s done a complete post on this “…Of me and PG Wodehouse” or something. You just visit his blog and search for Wodehouse. I’ve got “Adventures of Sally” on my shelf currently and will start it after reading “Lif of Pi” by Yann Martel(A book gifted by Musab). You may have noticed that I and Musab are like… good nerdy cousins. Unlike my other cousins, who are just Mr-too-good-for-books type I find only him with whome I can talk about books, socccer and stuff. When I suggested PG Wodehouse to one of my friends who never reads a book, he said,” Yar yeh kia hua? I don’t wanna sit with my parents all day and read a book when I could’ve been playing soccer…” He had that meek lamb-like look on his face.
haha…poor guy took P.G. for “parental guidance” instead of “Pellham Granville”!
Here’s spiffing widget by some jolly cracking chappies over at Facebook!

[clearspring_widget title=”P.G. Wodehouse Insult Generator” wid=”490eebb11b871e9a” pid=”4a81531e355a6713″ width=”250″ height=”300″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

PS. I’m amazed. Not only because of the quips by PG Wodehouse but by the fact that I actually managed to post a flash widget on WordPress! Wasn’t that kinda impossible?



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8 responses to “I start with the P.G. Wodehouse quest…

  1. Hmm. Haven’t read PG yet. Will, probably.

  2. I’ll be glad to help you find more Plums, but first I have to get done with my exams. I’ll go look for some once my pre-annuals end on the 5th, till then, pray my exams go well.

  3. @Minerva
    Yeah you must read this one witty author. He’s the master of humour. I’m gonna put some of his hilarious quotes on my sidebar soon so that you could readem and have a good laugh.

    Okay so here’s the Musab I was talkin about. thanks a ton yar! And I’m praying for your exams already. But do work hard too. Don’t depend on the duas only! 😀 Best o luck.

  4. lizaanne42

    Always glad to find another Wodehousian! I’m sorry that his books are so difficult to find where you are, but that makes each one so much more of a treasure when you do discover it.
    I don’t own many myself, but I’m lucky to have a well-stocked library system. (Can’t say I condone wandering off with their books though–naughty, naughty.)
    The insult generator looks like great fun!
    Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

  5. Thanks to my cousin Musab who converted me to a Wodehousian. And yes, its very rare to find Wodehouse here in Pakistan. Anyways thanks for the visit. And keep visiting.

  6. lizaanne42

    Usama, this may make your day. 🙂
    This site has some FREE Wodehouse books/ stories as pdf files.

  7. Hey thanks for the link! I like it. Anyways, what is your blog’s url lizaanne?

  8. Okay I found it. But still thanks for the link. I’ve been recently searching for PDF novels by Plum and seems to be wonderful.

    You can also enjoy some of PG’s novels at this link lizaaanne gave


    And do let me know when you plan to read some. You’ll love him.

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