Obama Booty Check?

I have seen this happening in Indian, Star Plus dramas but never in reall life: People taking photos of a lady with another man and showing it to her hubby to unjustly blame the girl. The the drama can then continue for a month or two on this quandary and then when all the misunderstandings are clear, they change the topic when Saagar loses his memory in a car accident…

But this is something that the world has seen. And is surely awed by it. Here it is:

Obama and president Zarkosy

Obama and president Zarkosy

Surprising? Isn’t it? I first saw this in Images, DAWN newspaper’s magazine.I was really perplexed. America’s PM Obama checking out a lady while French Presiddent Sarkozy giving Obama his devilish smile. Such clear form of lechery is something not expected by the public from the great world power America’s President.


Pictures can be deceding. Watch this video and all will be clear. If it wasn’t for this video, Obama would surely had been in a lot of trouble with the First Lady…

Now this story spreaded through the net in a blink of an eye (okay, maybe two). Therefore, one should never believe in photos because there’s no proof that they are what they seem to be. However…

Obama is a gentleman sarkozy,berlusconi aren't?

Obama is a gentleman sarkozy,berlusconi aren't?

So what’s your view?



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7 responses to “Obama Booty Check?

  1. pictures dont tell the whole story…but if they are actually doing wat we think they are doing, i wouldnt be surprised

  2. Possibly true. But in this case, I’ll say Obama was just watching his footing…

  3. Arham

    lol……….I thnk he is doing what w3 think hez doing
    any wayz the french przednt is a pervert

  4. its obvious hes checking her out! even though hes a president, he is still a man! 😀

  5. @farooq
    Yeah.lol 🙂
    But you saw Sarkozy! Not even afraid of the camera and is laughin! However, Obama did disguise his glance as though he was looking towards his feet or something. methinks he’s an expert in this business 😉

  6. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    Man, these photos and video footages got people crazy/pissed/scandalized.

    Presidents like butts too, okay? XD

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