Random Confessions…

Baby Baby?

Yes Mama.

Eating Sugar?

Yes Mama.

Now that’s the real way to confess, and that’s what I’ve done here. I got this idea of a post from Minerva’s blog about confessing about anything you like in a post. So it felt like a good idea and here I am with my list of some honest confessions…

…Of a writer/blogger

  • I am always looking for stuff to put on my blog. Writing in my brain all the time,like many of the other bloggers.
  • I like to post lots of videos and images on my blog. You are observant enough to guess that…
  • Its always difficult for me to sit with Word Art at the screen and type in a post when I could’ve been at Facebook or reading others’ blogs.
  • Once I get my lame ass on my seat and start typing a post, there’s no stopping me.
  • Couldn’t decide between “Blogspot” and “WordPress” at first. Ding Ding Ding! But we have a winner now…
  • I like comments and visitors. Who doesn’t? Although getting traffic is a hard task, I’m determined to get a heavier traffic then the Liberty market…
  • I find reading blogs interesting as it lets me into the minds of different types of people gibbering away on different issues.
  • I really don’t give a shit about the MTV watchin’, Yo kinda wusses who really can’t type in a comment without mentioning the F-word atleast once.

…Of a Book-worm

  • My reading speed is slower than a snail, a fact I really, REALLY detest.

  • I just hate the ol’ classics which carry there plot at a speed similar to my reading speed.
  • I love Dan Brown in the thriller genre. All his novels I’ve read are in the 24 hour frame-time. If his novels don’t quicken your pulse, you surely need to check your meds…
  • I like humorous novels, the ones which I can LMAO while reading. Without doubt, I love PG Wodehouse and Jerome Kalpi Jerome.
  • I read Images by DAWN just for the movie and celeberity articles and not for the other social articles (Please don’t tell this to my Mom Dad. They wouldn’t be happy…Social ones are the ones they want me to read.)
  • I don’t really like foreign bloggers. I find Pakistani bloggers similar in thoughts and tastes and thus enjoy reading’em the most.
  • Nothing is sadder than a pile of unread books. So true…
  • So much to read so little read.

…Of a Pal

  • I really find myself too friendly and polite and its not rare that I find people taking advantage of this.
  • Kehnay ko tau sab hi dost hain Dushman tau nahiin
  • Almost every kid and elder in my school knows me. Once a teacher told me that when she asked one of his senior class to write about the most popular person of our school few of them mentioned me! No doubt I’m very friendly, meek and polite. This is NOT showing off, just simple plain truth. That’s what this post is about.
  • I have a few friends ( If I should the word friends) who mutter rubbish of me behind my back. Jealousy is a bad policy. They’re usually mister-too-good-for-books kind.

…Of a 21st Century Dude

  • I’ve developed a taste different from my peers and that doesn’t dissappoint me, because Ilove who I am.I don’t really like the new generation singers like Akon. I just hatem!  I like Bob Dylan, Beetles, Elvis, MJ, Lata,Rafi and all that type of oldies.
  • I can’t start my day without checking my E mail
  • I can survive without Facebook. I’ve done so. Cuz my net speed doesn’t allow me to even open Google.  😦
  • I  ♥ my blog
  • And all this is possible with INTERNET. So yes, that’s the thing which has got this 21st century dude hooked up.

So why not go ahead and try a similar post on your blog? I’ll be eager to read…

PS. You remember I love comments? So you know what you ought to do now  😉



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10 responses to “Random Confessions…

  1. Ah! Elvis, Beetles, Dylan! I think I just had a musical orgasm! 😛

  2. Hehe. So I think you’re not alone then. I likem too. BTW thanks for dropping by this comment and welcome to my blog. keep visiting though…

  3. * Nothing is sadder than a pile of unread books. So true…

    * So much to read so little read.”

    SO true…

  4. @ Absar
    i never knew ppl have ‘musical orgasms’ too 😛

    @ the post
    i love Dan Brown too…in fact i can usually read watever i can get my hands on.

    • Yeah I like Danny too. I see you had added an excerpt from Angels & Demons in your about page. I’m only left with Digital Fortress…
      You can read whatever you can get your hands on by DAN in particular or just ANYTHING?

  5. lol. nice. you hate classics!?!? *disappointed*

  6. @Minerva
    Naah not all of them. But “The slow paced and boring ones”. I say this because I have been forced to read Kidnapped in lit the whole year. The most boring novel of all times. Maybe the pile of books waiting to be read has some good classics to offer and that’ll change my opinion. Anyways I don’t dislike all of them but some. I love Mark Twain, JRR, PG, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle etc but NOT RL STEVENSON.

  7. I don’t like blogspot very much. Doesn’t let you privatize posts like wordpress does. I just moved to wordpress. Brought all my posts with me too.
    I’m a foreign blogger so you won’t like me (that and my latest post makes me sound like an 18 year old). I’m still pakistani though 😛

    • I don’t see how I won’t like you cuz you’re Pakistani after all. I’ve many bloggers I fraternize with who are Pakistani but staying in foreign counries so you’re good. And yes WordPress is way better…

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