The Day The Music Died…

I had always been planning to write this post, but because of my unstopable long reading periods and the loads and loads of homework still left to complete, I couldn’t find ample time to post anything. But yes, I’ve made a strong pledge to myself today: POST MORE OFTEN.

So after waking up all night till 6am ( reading Twilight) I got up at 1 o’clock in the noon and came downstairs where my family was sitting. Mom had made “Pulao” (rice) for my breakfast and everyone was quiet. The first thing Mom said to, even before Salaam was, “Usama pataa hai Michael Jackson mar gayaa hai!” (Michael Jackson dieid!).

The shock I got can’t be expressed. I had never been a BIG MJ fan but of course the death of such a big star can’t be less then a shocking news. If a gas pipe had exploded under my feet, I hadn’t been more shocked. I was like ” C’mon man! Why MJ?! And why when he was near his big come back performance!”


There was a time, about four years when my brother had brought a USB full of Michael Jackson’s albums and he was the only english singer I only knew. (The case with most of us.) Because he was a music icon. Nobody was greater than him and he was not only the best in his period of time but the best of all time. Not only his singing was good but his dancing and stage performance was more than wonderful and was truly unmatched. He not only sang but also invented dance moves. Moonwalk, (which I just learned how to do!) Heel spin, Earthwalk, Airwalk, Zero Gravity Lean and uncountable other dance moves were introduced by non other than MJ. Almost all of his hits were my favourite: “Billie Jean” “Smooth Criminal” “Beat it” “Black and White” “They don’t really care about us” and of course “Thriller”



There is a common perception, thanks to the Indian Comedy shows, that Michael Jackson was all about AAAOOOOooo EEEEEaaa WOOOHOOO YEEEEAAAHHH. Wrong. Utterly wrong! He sang the songs like “Heal the World” “Earth Song” which told us to save Earth from all the destruction it was headed towards even before the terms like Global Warming ware even familiar. Despite of all the controversies surrounding him like his harshness towards the children and God knows what, he was still the best. Having so many plastic surgeries had ruined his face, a fact not even his greatest fans resist to accept. He had earned my respect (although its not a solid reason) because he was great legendary Elvis Presley’s daughter’s husband. He was the best in the genre pop, which earned him the title: “~KING OF POP~”.

King Of Pop

King Of Pop

After a long period, he had decided to return and claim his crown as the best singer, when suddenly, all of a sudden-he was dead. sigh sigh sigh. There’s a series you might be familiar with, named “Living with Michael”. I found it really interesting when I was watching the episodes at You Tube. (Yes. All the episodes are available at You Tube.) You’d surely like this. And then after his death there are countless rumors. One that MJ’s spirit was spotted on a BBC camera man’s documentary’s background. You can see it and decide for yourself, whether you believe it or not…

And here’s my favourite best ever Billie Jeans dance performance…

and his last performance (rehearsal)…We do really care about you!

His daughter. Aaaww poor girl…

Some say he had turned his religion to Islam while others say not. In my viewpoint he had turned to a Muslim because I’ve heard his Naats and his brother was a Muslim too.

Anyways Mj doesn’t need to be a Muslim. You don’t need to be his fan nor even a fan of music to mourn his death. He was just MJ. The music genius everybody loved. Our heart cries for you MJ.

RIP Michael Jackson.

**~RIP MJ~**

**~RIP MJ~**



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7 responses to “The Day The Music Died…

  1. are you comparing MJ to the Prophet?

    not a lot of ppl are going to like that y’know 😛

  2. Usama Lali

    NO WAY! I just said that when Holy Prophet couldn’t live forever, nobody is gonna do so. That DOES NOT mean to compare Holy Prophet(pbuh) with a singer! Nauzubilla. I was just sayin that people say this to console others. this loss of life is nothing compared to that of the Prophet (pbuh)’s, thus lessening the person’s grief.

    PS:I’m a Muslim 🙂

  3. Anyways thanks Minerva for pointinfg that out. It did sound like that though. I edited it a bit…

  4. you know,I loved ypur post as it just brought back my childhood memories of Mj with Dad,i too had written a post about him,ut blog got hacked,and the post got deleted..!!
    But a great blog,nevertheless….!!

  5. @ Meher thanks for the appreciation of my blog and im really sorry for your blog that got hacked.thanks for dropping by and do visit again.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog..though I believe you would have been welcomed by a fairly empty one..!!Can’t help..hackers suck..!!

  7. @Meher
    No doubt they do, the hackers. Do keep blogging though …

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