The Big Bang…

This is a personal blog of Usama Lali, also on Facebook, who pens down many hilarious as well as many dolorous events of his life in this small corner of  his world.  A book loving soul who is an avid reader as well as a insanely-interested-in-everything  male from Lahore, Pakistan finds out some time in his life to write for this blog, which’s the only thing someone can guarantee him can’t be taken away from him. So as keeping a diary is usually a difficult process, Usama keeps a blog, which’s no lesser precious to him then any thing in the world (except for relations, of course…). Read this blog and keep visiting for this blog can only get more and more interesting and better as I grow more and more skilled at the pen as I grow older.

Previously I had a blog at ( but I abondoned it and stated this blog after importing the data from my old blog. The tempelates and lack of flexibility in the blogger dashboard was getting me -BORED! So I’ve moved my blog or simply my diary here, to WordPress. Here’s a intro. of me…

You can send me friend request at Facebook too. My username is “Usama Lali” I’m at the top of the two results.



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2 responses to “The Big Bang…

  1. Thats true m thinking of the same.

  2. 🙂 haha… well perhaps, yes I suppose. By the way, welcome to my blog!

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