Exams Stress…

My final examinations finally found me staggering with the weight of all the studies in mid May. The preparations had begun a month prior to the exams and my birthday unfortunately happened to be during this most-cursed-by-any-student period. Anyways, I took a day off on 5th May to enjoy the blissful feast and the chocolate cake with my family. I often muse that why do we celebrate a birthday? On each of our birthday one year is deducted from our lives and one year has been lived by us. We should be sorrowful that we are growing older and closer to our death day by day. Ask if growing older is fun from an agedly person and he’ll surely tell you no…

So as the month of April was drawing to an end and had proved to be a good one, they gave us the date-sheet and syllabus for our final exams. All the novels and the other magazine-reading was immediately abandoned. Although even during the exams I sneaked out some time from the nerve wrecking process for preparing for an exam to go to the bathroom accompanied by an issue of Dawn’s magazine “Images”. Kept reading it for about 15 minutes before returning to the painstaking task of studying. (Not for a class test, in which’s case we need not study at all, but for the exams.) The two weeks between 25th May to 3rd June were the weeks I was determined to study as my entire summer vacations depended upon the finals’ result.

Straight As: Scene on hai!
More than one B: Grounded!

It was on our third last exam that our co-ordinater Madam Subhani announced in our class that the remaining two papers (Geography and Arts) were being post poned due to some terrorist threats. A huge uproar of amusement went up as the students began to celebrate—in the middle of our mid year exams. And in the process the poor pupils to whom the “Booties” were not proving to be helpful found an opportunity to exchange “an answer for an answer”. Haha.

But upon thinking a bit further, later on, I perceive that this delay of exams is something we shouldn’t be happy about. We are not free although the summer vacations have started. Whenever I’m surfing the net or reading out Deception Point by Dan Brown, I feel kinda guilty that I am not studying for Geo. Although I’ve got plenty of time, I can’t even go out of the city in case the school announces the exams date which has a few days to go.

Anyways the summer vacations have begun and the Fun (not Batman!) has begun too. As I’ve already read Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, I’m currently reading, as I mentioned earlier , Deception point. This will leave me with only Digital Fortress after which I’ll be waiting for the much anticipated follow-up of Da Vinci Code—“The Lost Symbol”
On the other hand I tried to weaken the Great Wall Of China-esque determination of my Mom of not letting me go out to DHA for the movies like “Terminater: Salvation” “Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen” “ G I Joe” and other releases in Pakistan to follow in other months of the summer vacations. My cousin Musab will be coming soon to Lahore and I hope we have a great time as we always do whenever we are together, like traffic and weather.


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