A Trip To Puppets…

I shiver as I type this post as the weather today is really cold, with showers of constant rain. Lahore has been having a pretty good weather lately…

Last weekend I visited the “Museum of Puppetry” here in Lahore (I dunno the exact location) and there was also a free-entry puppet show arranged for all. I really enjoyed the Italian show “Poochilaila & Teresa”. When the next one started, me along with my elder bro. and cousin got out to feed our grumbling stomachs. We weren’t in a mood of going back to a bit dreary puppet scene ( I saw one uncle dozing off in a deep slumber!! Haha..) and headed towards the main door of the “Museum of Puppetry”. Inside, I sauntered through the museum looking and admiring the different types of puppets fetched from far away places like Holland, Iran, Uzbekistan, India and so on…

I think this was a very good puppet show which was a, as I told, free entry puppet show because many poor children who couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to a puppet show were also watching them along with the rich students who were on a trip there. This showed a type of equality among all human beings as they laughed and enjoyed together in a jovial mood…

My Aunt also gave me an idea of writing a novel on a boy trapped inside that museum, all night and the puppets coming to life… scary haan? (Unlike “Night at the Museum”! haha) Good idea, isn’t it? I just finished the novel “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown and started “The Prince & The Pauper”, a classic novel by Mark Twain. He, Mark Twain, is proving to be a real master and I also got many other novels written by him like “ A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court” and “Tom Sawyer”. I will also buy Huckleberry Finn his master piece…

My cousin took many snaps of the puppets with his mobile camera. Here is the batch…


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