Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow…

…and that fellow is none other than me. I know it’s the title of a novel written by one of my favorite humorists Jerome Kalpi Jerome but I can’t help it, can I? Because I am also an idle fellow with idle thoughts. Once again I find my 13 years old self in my small bedroom ( what else size can you expect from a room in a 5 Marla’s house?) The usual traffic on the road rolls on as I type this post.

It’s a glorious night. The moon has sunk and left Mother Earth alone with the stars. It seems that as we, the children of the Mother Earth are in a deep slumber in the darkest hour of the night, Earth had been talking to the stars about the long forgotten legends in voices too deep and vast for us, the small creatures to listen, let alone understand…

It would be a sin to start talking about things like movies straight away after mentioning such sacred things as Earth, Stars and Moon. And what do you see in all these things? What is the force behind all this? Who is the creator of these things? The Divine Voice itself seems to speak in everything present on Earth. The rustling of the leaves, the howls of the wind, the murmur of the troubled lakes water…

Despite all the rush of the traffic on the roads my little house seems to sit, unaware of all the frays and conflicts of the city and snooze and nod away…

Watchmen ™, a movie by the visionary director of the film 300 is out and I’m the only one unlucky enough to watch it. Looks like a really good movie. My cousin Musab will be coming over to my place near 21st and I’ll be a bit busy kicking it with him. Maybe we can watch it together in cinema but the problem is that due to Lahore’s bad reputation cause of terrorism wouldn’t let our parents go to a cinema. I’m really interested in Dan Brown so that’s the reason why I’m also waiting impatiently for the release of a movie based on his novel “Angels & Demons” this summer. I’m also reading this novel currently. Read half of it in 3 holidays. I was saving some money to buy “Race to Witch Mountain” too. Other awaited movies are “Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen”.

“Marjaani” a song from the Bollywood movie “Billu Barber” is playing on my MP3. I’m really awed by the stupid lyrics of this song although the music is great. “Ro Ro kai Raaton ko, Aankhain bhii Kaali Kiin…” Now can anybody tell me can the eyes go black because of crying?! They can become white, which is also a bit too “over” to believe…

Manchester United were beat 4-1 by Liverpool which kept me alive, or else I would have been bored to death. Really enjoyed the match and it was very good seeing that red card go up! (poor Vidic) And it was also very satisfying watching Arsenal return to their brilliant form by beating Blackburn 4-0. And I am also waiting for Arsenal VS Chelsea semi final. And there’s another dilemma too. Champions League’s Final is going to be held on 27th of May and the negative point is I HAVE AN EXAM THAT DAY!!! Last year I managed to watch the final as my parents weren’t at home! (Plz don’t tell them this!)

Okay so now that it keeps getting darker and darker and the clock is still ticking the time away, I’ll better finish this post here and pick up my novel instead. Another post pending…


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