The Sri Lankan Team Attacks…

(No No! Team doesn’t attack! It had been attacked I mean!)

My nerve wrecking formal assessments are over and I’m finally free. It was this stressing hell of exams that had kept me away from many things, especially my dear blog J. I am listening to my new favorite song “Lag Jaa Galaai” by Lata. It’s so melodious! Okay so I’ll be trying to be less poetic in this post as the mood or the surroundings of mine are not suitable. No fused lights and typing under a lamp light or rain etc. Infact a 100 watt bulb is shining into my bare eyes, dazzling me. So I’ll start off straight by cursing the Sri Lankan Cricket team’s attackers.

In my school today my last exams went very well and got 24 in Urdu and 25 in Science out of twenty five. In the break time some parents were taking the students to their homes. Some people said that there was a bomb blast in Liberty. Then I understood that that (Is two thats right? Appear to be peculiar though…) why we were given the papers in the third and fourth lesson instead of fifth and sixth as parents might had insisted to take their children away. Terrorism is in Liberty and the children are being imagined by the parents to be kidnapped or bombed to pieces in schools! Or do they think the terrorists are tracking down everyone who had bought tickets for the match (including the very-much-concerned-and-worried parents) and killing them?! God knows…

My elder brother came to pick me up from the school. He was talking to me about some kind of an attack on Sri Lankan team. When I reached home The news were telling the same tales but in a serious way unlike my brother ( “Murli Dhahran ki taang ko goalie lagii hai woh kehtaa hai mujhai tau naeen taang chahiiyeh” and “Sri Lanka ka aek player mar gayaa hai who kehtai hain hamaara player tau pentees ‘35’ Saau ka thaa”). Bwaa haa haa! My brother just read out a very funny message he just received: “Breaking News : Pakistan cricket stadiums are now available for marriage lawns. For booking please contact MLB (Marriage Lawn Board) former known as PCB”

I was amazed by watching the footage of the two terrorists roaming around freely on the roads. It seemed that they were trained terrorists and were under someone’s protection from among the government as they weren’t afraid at all! Some people I heard were saying that the Government had done this to divert the public’s attention from PML-N Nawaaz brothers’ issue and to impost fear into people. That can be true. And in somewhere deep in my heart I have the feeling that that (2 Thats for the second time!) Mr. Ten Percent, Mr. Smiling-Face Zardari is after all this. The terrorists kept on firing for about 15 minutes and yet no police arrived. Why? And when the so “your majesty” police did arrive they were unaible to attain the hand prints! WHY?! All of this is because Government wanted this to happen and is defending the culprits. Their faces can be clearly seen in the footage. They should must be captured and punished along with all the forces after this incident. Congrats India and Australia for refusing our invitation.

I was listening to the bus driver’s interview on Geo News. He was saying that at first a white car overtook their bus in which all the team was and started shooting from the front. The players got down in the walking narrow corridor to take cover from the bullets sailing over their heads. Someone launched a “Mini Rocket” or whatever it is called. It fortunately hit the road and missed the bus. The grenade was thrown towards the bus but it missed the bus too! Lucky were they as it seems impossible to escape such a planned killing attempt. The driver which I think was really brave finally got to the Gadaffi Stadium securely.

And then somebody kills 5 people through firing in Queta. They are all psychos I think. If a terrorist attack is happening upon a team then what is the cause of these killing people? Now-a-days killing people has become a way to protest, you know…

And so this is the condition of our country. Not even the sports are acceptable by these terrorists or Government’s trained people. LAMENTABLE. That’s what our country’s situation is. God, bless us with your mercy as we are surely the ones who need it desperately. Here is a picture of the two out of nine terrorists attacking and shooting at the buses.



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2 responses to “The Sri Lankan Team Attacks…

  1. Mustafa Ellahi

    This post does not suit the topic try talking about yourself in the personal label of your blog and why the he** do you mention information already provided to us by news channels and newspapers so try to make this post somehow unique by adding your own opinions to these dastardly acts. Try visiting my blog.

  2. Usama Lali...

    This blog is not a VERY official type of blog where I have to write only about the topic. As I mentioned that here I write the spontaneous feelings of mine and that’s what I have done if only you were paying some considerable attention…

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