Do Not Try This At Home!

My brother is in A Levels, LACAS, Burki Road. The day before he came home and told me something I did not believe. He said that the boys in his school were doing a trick in which a person was fainted for a while. And it was very simple too. When I asked him how it was done he was reluctant to tell me. When I kept on insisting, he told it to me after making me promise that I wouldn’t try it on anybody. He told me that first a person sat down and breathed heavily for a while. Then he had to stand, hands spread out as though he was to fly. Then a person standing at his back would have his hands locked around his chest and would lift him. After a moment you feel like you are soaring and then you have fainted for some time. When you are fully conscious again you couldn’t remember anything that was going on after that arm spreading step. Many of the students were beaten up too by the other boys while he had fainted and when he would fully recover he hadn’t had any idea what was going on or what had happened to him. The trick done on my brother Ali Abbas Lali was fortunately a mild one. He told me that when he held our breath and the other boy lifted us. Our lungs were compressed and the heart was unable to pump blood to the brain. This caused the brain to become numb and a person was unconscious for some time. This can also harm a person permanently and can cause even death!!! If the blood isn’t pumped to the brain for a little longer it would stop functioning and a person can die!!! So I repeat that DO NOT TRY THIS ON ANYONE!

This is a small clip of what they did to my brother. Thank God he exhaled and the trick wasn’t a complete one.


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  1. arham

    lai demon sitting video nahi hai

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