A Letter Bringing All the Troubles and Dilemmas on one Page.

(This is a letter I recently wrote to our school principal)

Respected Class Teacher,

If you show this letter to Miss Reeba or Sir Khalid it is expected that you don’t consider this letter to be not from one particular person. It reflects the views of all the class VII sections, especially VII-C from whom this letter is from. It is expected that you take steps towards our requests and don’t just ignore…

There are number of issues we would be informing you about. They are as follow:

  • There is a soccer club for children on Wednesdays. Our sports sir seems to act too seriously about our training and speaks very sternly but one thing we don’t understand is that if our club is taking football so seriously why aren’t we having any matches with other schools’ young teams? Why aren’t we participating in any soccer tournaments let alone arrange them? We just go to the field and play half an hour just like other games periods. Then what is so special about soccer club? We don’t even have a kit!

  • The second issue on which I’ll be talking about is the library books. There are many books in our junior library but one thing that most irritates me is that not all, let alone half of the books from one book series is available. For example of

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”. Only three books of this series are available, all the first ones, in 1stndrd sequence. When I’d read the three of them I couldn’t locate the others in the library. Library teacher informed only these were available. Just as the series had become interesting I hadn’t got the other books. Same is the case with “Artemis Fowl” series which are available on Liberty Books near G One market. Darren Shan’s horror stories’ series are there to mention too. These are a the series to name a few…This term would soon be over and we’d be gone to the senior branch in class 8th but this Improvement would be a great thing for the upcoming generations.

  • The third issue is of Mathematics’ teacher. Our previous sir, Sir Aftab Ahmed Saddiqui used to teach us until Miss Huma Ehsan had some problem in her throat (as I was told…) and sir were the replacement for her for Maths classes for seniors. Meanwhile Miss Munazza Ghafuur is teaching us Maths and is very good at it. I am not saying that Sir Aftab was not a good teacher but miss Munazza’s way and method of teaching is really comprehensive and she can handle the class a lot better than sir Aftab. We would like you to let miss Munazza stay here for the rest of the term even if miss Huma recovers (which we all pray she would soon, Insha-Allah) Please…

These are all the points typed by the Class Representative, Usama Mumtaz Lali and reflect the views of each and every 7 grader specially VII-C. We hope you consider them.

With all due respect,

Worried and troubled grade 7s voice,

Usama Mumtaz Lali.


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