And It Keeps Pouring while I brood over life…

Here I sit in my bedroom thinking of far and wide things no one would think of in such an enjoyable weather. Rain we say it is. Rattling against my window the rain seems to be whispering of many ancient forgotten tales. Sometimes fury takes the better of it and there it is the blood chilling thunder. A couple of hours ago the light faded and the dark reigned power. The ghostly shadows of the trees chased away the last of the rear guards of the sun and evil covered the earth with its large dark wings spread over the dreaded world. The stars shine as I tap these buttons in the sky as the lights from the windows of the phantom palace…Mujh Say Pehlii Si Muhabbat is playing on my MP3 and I could think of nothing to write except feelings, which might seem senseless to you but not for me. My cousin said once “Nothing is sadder than a pile of unread books.” I myself want to read various books, infact hundreds by my favorite authors but don’t have ample time you see. “Three Men In a Boat” I’m reading nowadays. Witty, clever and hilarious it is. With exams starting on 25th of February this is the only thing that can cheer me up, as they say “A book is a man’s best friend” and surely it is in this case too….
“So much to read so little read!”

Young World, DAWN newspaper’s weekly magazine for children was the one thing out of dozens (Gunners, Facebook, Some authors…) which had got me hooked up for several months. And see they stopped publishing it about a fortnight ago. Just like that. Easy for them and what they say is this: “We knew that our young readers liked to read the magazine online so we have decided to update it online weekly and you can just read it there!” HELL! Now I was planning to hook up with US magazine of Jang. I’ve emailed a poem and let’s see if it’s published.
Lahore’s International Book Fair 2009 is going to be arranged at Gaddafi Stadium. It’s surely going to be a very good book fair. More than 10000 (maybe one more zero!) books they claim are in stock. Wanted to go and fetch some books even some grossly overpriced one but what I got from my parents? A straight refusal. Dad is building a new house and has a lot of business to attend. I wanted to get some Jerome K. Jerome books along with some other Wodehouse ones (have to gift them to someone who may be reading this article…) on his birthday. I’ll find a way out of this misery. They say “..light at the end of the tunnel” but who knows it may be the incoming train?

Heart of Punjab they call it, the city of Lahore. But as sit here in the dark gloomy room with only a lamp on my table (The Tube light is fused) I think of it as a heart of a dead person or a person who no longer cares for the world. They say it is really beautiful and many Plazas are their offering everything under the sun. No driver I have and as my brother has to drive, my parents avoid taking him for not-so-important things. So the only roads I seem to remember well are the one leading to my school…
I don’t have any interest in politics but thought I’d share this with you.

“I’m walkin’ down the line my feet’ll be a-flyin’ To tell you about my troubled mind.”

Bob Dylan, 1963 It was shoes, not feet, that went a-flying at a press conference in Baghdad’s Green Zone last week, courtesy of a journalist who had decided it would make more sense to hurl answers rather than questions at George W. Bush. Although the man standing beside him (I don’t really know who he was. I told you I’m “nonpolitical”) offered a hand as a shield It was of no use. Although the Goody Two shoes didn’t come in contact with Bush physically, it really was an insult. And see now the same happens to that Chinese president (or was he Japanese?). Everyday bomb blasts are becoming the cause of “boredom”. The man took one of his first deadliest attempts to use his scientific knowledge to destroy himself in the Hiroshima. He succeeded… Where is this all going to end?

The clock strikes 12 and I’m jerked back into the world out of the distant kingdom of dreams. I really like thinking to myself and this time just typed it down. I’ll just say here that “Nothing is good or bad in life. The only thing which makes the difference is our thinking point of view.” So just think positively and look on the brighter side of everything and so should I…



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4 responses to “And It Keeps Pouring while I brood over life…

  1. gullay

    good job deary!

  2. arham

    good I mean perfect Lali,U have read 2 many books though

  3. Ali

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Usama…your site made me both happy and sad…

    I look forward to coming back often to read!

    Ali 🙂

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