(The following short story is written by me. Hope you like it and do comment.)

Ali was a fifteen years old teenager and had a wild craze for bikes. When he passed his final exams the previous year, his parents had bought him a new bike of his choice. He had been very pleased at the time and instead of thanking his parents, got himself on the bike and revved up the engine. Then he rode off, never looking back at his parents. His parents had thought that he was just a teenager and it was alright that he didn’t thank them and instead went to his best friend Zain’s house instead.

His parents had often forbidden Ali from riding the bike at high speed or doing one-wheeling etc. but he had never listened to his parents and went out riding bikes with his friend’s, racing. His parents had often feared that Ali would have an accident which he did, but fortunately not a fatal one. He had scratched his knees and had some wounds on his head. He was immediately taken to the hospital where his parents were called too. At that time his parents had scolded Ali but he seldom took any effect. He had to learn the lesson the hard way……

It was a chilly and foggy winter night and Ali’s parents were away for a wedding. They were coming home late and had told Ali not to leave the house. As soon as his parents had left, Ali had called his schoolmates and told them that he was free and his parents were out attending a function. His friends soon arrived at Ali’s house and asked Ali to come with them. Ali willingly accompanied them with his bike. His friends used to roam around in the city and this time Ali had also decided to go with them. With a feeling of guilt in his heart, he reached the speed of about ninety and shifted his weight backwards, causing the front wheel to rise. The fog was making it difficult for Ali to see anything ahead on the road. It was at that time that Ali heard a screech of a car’s break being pulled on. The next moment Ali was flying in the air and then hit the concrete road with a loud THUDD. At first, he couldn’t feel his limbs. They were all numb. He laid their, unconscious for a moment and when he was fully conscious again, he felt it….the pain. He hadn’t known that pain existed to such intensity. He cried and he shouted until his voice was gone but the pain wasn’t. Some of his friends’ had called the hospital for help. Soon the ambulance arrived and Ali was taken to the hospital. Ali’s parents soon arrived at the hospital and were inquiring about Ali’s situation from the doctors. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ali’s right leg was all swollen and the pain was unbearable for Ali. On the other hand, the doctors were telling Ali’s parents that Ali had broken his right leg in the car accident. It was after some hours that Ali’s parents were allowed to enter the room in which Ali lay, moaning in pain. Ali’s mother sat beside Ali on the bed, holding his hand in hers, while his father sat, holding his head in his hands, on a sofa. “I’m sorry. I didn’t listen to you and disobeyed you. Please forgive me,” Ali said, almost in a whisper. Tears were pouring down his mother’s cheeks and she bent down to kiss Ali on the forehead. Then Ali asked, “Will I be able play soccer again, mother?” “You will, my son, you will….,” replied his mother. And at this point a nurse entered the room and asked Ali’s parents to leave the room so that the doctors could check Ali for further treatment. The doctors had told Ali’s parents that Ali had a bone fracture and everything was fine.

Ali was free to go home about a week later and had still problem in walking. He had to take a bed rest of about three weeks before he could go to school again. Ali had realized that he had been very disobedient towards his parents and the outcome was very bad. From that day on he started to follow every instruction of his parents and respected them very much. He had learned a lesson of obeying his parents. We should also obey our parents as whatever they say it is for our own good.



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5 responses to “Disobedience

  1. arham

    original,surprising oh n excellent just kidding that waz awesome.gud yaar lali,just 1 question iznt ur brothers name ali? lol

  2. ARHAM

    so many mistakes … here u go … first of all u said that “ALI” got a new bike … and he didnt thank his parents and went in high-speed .. though u said that .. “His parents had often forbidden Ali from riding the bike at high speed or doing one-wheeling(btw its one WHEELY .. not wheeling)” … u used the work “often” but .. he got a new bike and his parents said him “often not to drive bike in high speed and all that “..so that it quite right … u need to improve … !

  3. Usama Lali...

    Nikkall lay CHAWALL KAHIIN KA KHUSSRAA!!! Pehli dafaa story padhi hai kia?!! Ali’s parents bought him a bike the previous year. Then why can’t they often advise him not to ride it at high speeds? Its been a year! “…u used the work “often” but…” you wrote this. Just go and improve your typing first because often is a “WORD” not”WORK” as you typed. AYAA MUJHAY SAMJHAANEY! Tum awaara gardii kartai ho tau tumhein hi pataa ho gaa naa kai WHEELI hota hai yaa Wheeling?! Mein tau shareef huun. Aindaa sauch kay baat karnaa bachhai!!!

  4. arham

    bohut whashi lali chah gya hai

  5. Taha

    yaar great job yaar behtareen

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