I was sitting on a park bench and when I turned around I saw….

“ZZZZZZ…..” I was fast asleep. Some saliva was drooling from the corner of my mouth. It was a sunny afternoon with a baking sun. The small park bench was occupied by me. With all those horns around me, I slept on, undisturbed. Somewhere on the road ahead was crying a boy and shrieking to his mother that he had lost his ticket to the film which was about to be shown in about five minutes. I had nothing to do at home so I decided to come here and do some “sun bathing”. Okay, so that’s a bit boring beginning but that’s how the story goes….
Suddenly a piece of paper flew off the grass and glued against my face because of the strong wind. I woke up with a start. I took the paper off my face and looked at it. An excited yelp escaped my throat. It was no ordinary paper. It was the ticket to the Christian Bale’s latest released film “Batman-The Dark Knight”!!!
Suddenly I realized that I could hear an excited crowd. I turned around and saw an excited and eager crowd of women. In the center of the crowd, I could see a gentleman, dressed in black three piece suite, with blonde hair. Standing just a few yards away, on the road, in front of the cinema, was my dream hero, Christian Bale himself!!!
Christian Bale had come to watch his movie’s first premier. I could see the poster of his film. Batman, in his new costume, was standing on the edge of a building under the dark sky. And there he was the legendary Joker, Heath Ledger with a gun in his hand on the poster. “Although he couldn’t live a life long enough to see his film released, even then he had made his place in everybody’s hearts….. I moved in with the crowed to the cinema. Once we were inside and our tickets had been checked, Bale had to choose a person from among us, who will get the opportunity to see the movie with Bale in the VIP compartment! His eyes wandered from one end of the cinema to the other. All the teenage girls were blushing, as though Bale has already chosen them. Suddenly his eyes rested on me….my heart skipped a beat….and the next moment I could see Bale pointing at me! My eyes were like that of a boy who enters a candy shop and finds the shopkeeper fast asleep.
The next moment I was walking towards the VIP compartment with many envy eyes following me. So finally I was the “chosen one”. In the compartment I not only took his autograph but also a picture with my eight mega pixel Samsung mobile’s camera. I watched the whole movie with him. Once, when I was so near to him, I could smell that he had put on the new “Mont Black Star Walker” deodorant. He looked really handsome and talked very politely. He told me about all the funny incidents and the making of “Batman”. (Although it got very emotional whenever the Joker’s scene was shown.) I couldn’t resist admiring the acting of all the actors in that film. Finally the three hour movie came to an end. “Nice to meet you sir,” I said. “I had pleasure watching the movie with you. I hope you liked it,” Bale replied, shaking my hand. “Liked it??? I LOVED it!!!” I exclaimed. I took his phone number which he rarely gave to anyone.
Once I was outside and Bale’s Limo. had left, I rushed to a water tap nearby and splattered some water on my face. This was done to make sure that all this wasn’t a dream. It was not! Two miracles in one day! First, I got the ticket and the second; I watched the movie with the Batman himself!!! It was just unbelievable! Now, I can easily declare that that day was one of the best days in my life.

(It’s off course fiction)


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One response to “I was sitting on a park bench and when I turned around I saw….

  1. arham

    bohut aalla lali laiken mont blank star walker hahahaha lol oh ho hahahahaha @..@ (__)

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