Beauty- A Short Poem

Beauty- A short Poem

Yes, I remember I wrote that the next post is going to be about Heath Ledger or a book, but no, it’s something else. It’s a short poem written by me. I was sitting alone and was bored out when I thought of writing a poem instead of just goofing around. So here it is and hope you like it.

This scenery is such a bliss to the eye,

fluttering birds in the beautiful sky.

From the solitude my heart frees,

when I see the dancing trees.

There is nothing like a sigh,

when I see the mountains so high.

This scenery seems like folk story,

and seems to me like a houri.

In the distance I could hear the church’s bell,

and the flower’s fragrances I can smell as well.

I think I can sit here all day long,

listening to the bird’s song,

watching the troubled sea,

with such a jocund company.



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2 responses to “Beauty- A Short Poem

  1. you are very talented i really like what i read 🙂

  2. Hi there, I’m really glad you liked the little endeavour here. Actually, I wrote this around two years back. I have improved my hand at poetry 🙂
    are you on facebook? Would inbox you my latest works…

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