LACAS…..Really Unsafe?

Today, after the brake, we were studying Computer Studies when a bell rang and our class teacher came in our class and asked us to leave every thing and make a line. Puzzled we were. After we made a line our teacher took us down and into the ground. Some of the boys were really happy “OAY!!! LALI!!! ENGLISH KA PERIOD GUZAR RAHA HAI!!!” but others, mostly juniors were really looking panicked not because “English Ka Period Guzar Raha Hai”, but because there were rumors about a bomb disposer team coming to LACAS and about a bomb being found in Girl’s Branch. Some people were also saying that a girl had been murdered in Girls Branch or Pre-School! Well I believe that there was a bomb disposer team in our school but not this GAPP! about a murder. Our school isn’t that big that a girl is murdered and even the screams aren’t heard. I was really touched when I saw a boy weeping because his sister also studied in Pre-School. I assured him that there was no such thing but that’s another story. We had to sit for a very long time on the mats and when we asked any teacher about what was going on, she just smiled! Well, that wasn’t the answer to our question… or was it?

It was about 12:30 that the bell rang and we were allowed to go home……… but wait! What about our bags?!! They were in our classes! And when I was going upstairs, a teacher stopped me said that none of us were allowed to take our bags with us to our homes!!! Well, Ramzan Ka Mahina Hai Or Main Jhoot To Boal Nahin Sakta so yes, I felt happy at this point because this meaned NO HOMEWORK!!!

Nowadays I’m interested in Greek Mythology so I had borrowed a book from our school library about Hercules. I pleaded to miss that please let me take that book only but NO WAY! She just won’t listen…….

Anyways this was all I had to say… It’s 1:30 in the night and now I must go to sleep as I have to Fast Tomorrow too. Anyways, today was my 11th Roza. Take Care.



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5 responses to “LACAS…..Really Unsafe?

  1. Usama Lali.

    Did You Like This Article Bearded Chappies!!!

  2. salman

    man u r a good riter and u got da pic from google right the chool is planing to give holidays for two weeks or so

  3. salman

    yar one more ting wut doe bearded chappie mean !!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Usama Lali.


  5. Arham

    lali bohth anth yar!!!! aur tou nay chotay bachay ko kub chup kur waya tah!!!!! any ways dis article rocks

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