….Of Summer Trip to Naran and Kaghan.

I before troubled waters.

Before I start, let me say that “California Love” is my new favorite song.

Well…..here I am, sitting in my bedroom, writing this article, listening to the birds’ songs outside my window and thinking of my summer vacations which were about a month or two ago but yet they seem to have passed in a blink of an eye. It makes me think about how time passes and still we stay unaware. Anyways…. We Move Tomorrow and there is nothing we can do……

I along with my family, went to a beatiful and rather I should say “HEAVENLY” place Naran and Kaghan. One could almost swear it’s like Heaven in those places and
yet they are wrong because  It’s no match for even a drop of beauty from heaven…….

My uncle is a Brigaddier. He lives in Abbottabad. He has recently retired. As his post is a honorable and respectful post, he is provided by a lot of facilities from the army. He booked a mess in Kaghan for my family, his family and my mamoo Nasir’s family. The journey was a long one from abbottabad to Naran and Kaghan but yet I didn’t felt tired at all because I was too busy looking at the beautiful sceneries. It was only then when I got  out of the car that I found that my legs were aching.

The mess was on a really beautiful location with a lot of mountain tops covered in snow to look at. The mess was on the edge of a river(I always keep forgetting it’s name!).

I had lots of fun there and some of the places I visited were:

  • Jhal Khad
  • The Kunhaar
  • Jheel Saif-ul-Malook                                                                                                                                                                 and a lot of other places I don’t remember the names of……

It was a good experience which left many moments, some happy and some funny, carved in my memory lane….

In the end I want to thank everyone who made my trip so special specially my cousines(Musab, Suhaib, Sanwal……..)

Thanks For Reading.



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7 responses to “….Of Summer Trip to Naran and Kaghan.

  1. Hamza

    i liked ur trip i am goin to naran and kaghan next year.BUT ITS COOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. salman

    is that u in the picccccccccccccc

  3. Usama Lali

    Off Course Sallu!!!

  4. Usama Lali

    It’s Me!!!

  5. Musab

    Usama,dad hasn’t retired yet…

  6. salman

    lambay ball buhut allahh
    u look cool

  7. Arham

    eis kou bhi pahr liya lali good article BUT CHANGE UR BAKGROUND

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